9 Essential Things To Check When Renting A House

9 Essential Things To Check When Renting A House

Most people think that they can rent a new house, move in and start living carelessly. But in reality you hardly can do this without any problems that can appear. Even the house, that costs $500,000 does not guarantee an easy life without some financial investments!
We will tell you about the 9 most important things that you should pay attention to when buying a house.

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1.Inspection of the basement
Check the house in the spring. Rains and groundwater will show whether the basement is flooded and whether the basement waterproofing is sufficient.

2. Attic and roof
Examine the attic and the roof. Even with a cursory examination will show the leaking roof. It is worthwhile to check how the roof is laid and how properly the drainage system is arranged.
An improperly installed channel for water drainage can lead to damage to facade elements, destruction of the basement, and premature deterioration of the foundation.

3. Doors
Pay attention to how the doors open. If you hear a creak, the house could give an incorrect shrinkage.

4. Windows
Check out whether the windows open easily. Often, moisture enters the glazing units, and you will notice that easily.

5. Electricity, heating and water supply
After entering the house, ask the owner to switch on everything: electricity, heating, water supply and so on. Any refusal should alert you.

6. Hot water supply
Learn the scheme of supplying water directly to the house. Check how the whole system functioning and its thermal insulation.
The simplest way to do that is to turn the boiler on and after half an hour touch the batteries in all rooms to see if the hot water is coming.

7. Walls and floors
Explore whether the walls are erected properly and the parquet laid correctly – you can check it with a simple bar. The verticality of the walls and the horizontality of the parquet can be examined by the liquid-vial indicator.

8. Checking the wooden house
If the house is wooden, check how the wood is dried. To measure its humidity use a hygrometer.

9. Sewerage
Inspect the drain: you need to drain a large amount of water and see how quickly it goes away. Then visually check the condition of the pipes – they should not be wet. If you buy a house with a cesspool – look at it also.

If all the above points meet all your requirements and expectations, you can proceed to the next stage and examine the house with professionals!


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